Cyber High Schools

Cyber High Schools

The CyberHighSchools programme was set up with the aim of activating a network of secondary schools, in order to create an intermediate level of training and interaction with students, while at the same time contributing to the growth of a community of teachers who are increasingly aware of the issues relating to cybersecurity and the programmes of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory. By joining the programme, the school becomes part of a network of schools “federated” with the Lab and is automatically considered as a participant also in the two programmes CyberChallengeIT e OlicyberIT .

The programme is part of Operational Guideline no. 3 of the “National Plan for Cyber Protection and Information Security”, led by the Sistema di Informazione per la Sicurezza della Repubblica – Dipartimento delle informazioni per la sicurezza (DIS) of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and is aimed at all Italian secondary schools.

Registration is free of charge.



Participating High Schools will be able to:

  • Enrol for free in the programme, officially joining the CyberHighSchools Network;
  • Display on the school website and in all institutional communications, the status of “School federated with the Lab. Naz. Cybersecurity” by means of a badge;
  • Being on the list of member schools on the National Cybersecurity Laboratory website;
  • Be put in contact with the contacts of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory nodes active at the Universities of the Region in which the federated School is located;
  • Indicate up to a maximum of 3 professors as “contact persons” of the School for the programme;
  • Offer their teachers and students the benefits summarised below.



Teachers of the federated school will be able to:

  • Delve deeper into cybersecurity issues;
  • Have free access to a wide range of in-depth teaching materials, prepared and reviewed by experts from the National Cybersecurity Laboratory;
  • Take part free of charge in targeted introductory and/or in-depth courses on cybersecurity issues;
  • Receive, at the end of the training courses, both certificates of attendance issued by the National Laboratory and Open Badges which can be used via the CINECA Bestr platform;
  • Access to a community of professors, who will be offered the opportunity to share experiences and propose initiatives both through dedicated forums and periodic meetings;
  • Monitor the progress of their students within the CyberChallenge.IT and/or OliCyber.IT programmes.



Participating students will be able to:

  • Participate in the IT and OliCyber.IT programmes
  • Receive, at the end of their respective training courses, both certificates of participation issued by the National Laboratory and Open Badges, which can be used through the CINECA Bestr platform;
  • Become part of Cyber TeamItaly, the Italian National Cyber Defender team, and also participate in international competitions in the sector;
  • Deepen their knowledge of cybersecurity issues and find out about possible job opportunities;
  • Increase their visibility towards companies and institutions by sharing their CVs on a dedicated platform;
  • Meet important public and private players in the national cybersecurity scene;
  • Participate in transversal skills and orientation courses;
  • Undertake internships at companies in the sector, important national institutions and offices of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory located throughout Italy.