Measure and improve the cyber awareness of your organization.

The project aims to support a generic organization in the assessment of its level of preparation and sensitivity to the issue of cyber security, through:

  • Dynamic user questionnaires;
  • Definition of the cyber posture of the organization;
  • Data analysis and derivation of corrective measures and training;
  • Methodology based on the National Framework for Cybersecurity and Data Protection. provides data collection through human-based assessment, i.e. dynamic user questionnaires and interviews administered:

  • On site through a “tutor”;
  • Remotely through an IT platform (with the possibility of subsequent analysis based on direct interview).

The collection and analysis of this data in an IT platform allows the definition of the current cyber posture of the organization and the rapid identification of corrective measures. is addressed to:

  • Small and Medium Enterprises and Small Public Administrations providing a rigorous and context-appropriate assessment of the state of IT security combined with corrective measures to improve the cyber posture;
  • Large Enterprises and Public Administrations, providing a tool to assess the cyber awareness and preparedness of the human layer of the organization;
  • National Regulatory Authorities providing an aggregated view of the state of cyber preparedness and cyber preparedness and awareness of the national and sector-specific cyber security.


The role of the Framework is based on the National Framework for Cybersecurity and Data Protection (FNCSDP) in order to align the results with a standard, recognized and widely adopted tool for cyber security assessments. This approach enables:

  • Obtaining the state of preparedness and cybersecurity of the organization, comparable and comparable via baseline;
  • Pathways to improve the organisation’s IT security status based on best-practice and target profiling;
  • Training and education paths for the improvement of the cyber preparedness of the human layer of the organization;
  • Further risk assessment activities based on FNCSDP, constituting the first phase of analysis and self-assessment.



The project can count, among others, on the availability of the following stakeholders:

  • Competence Center for Security and Optimization of Strategic Infrastructures “START 4.0”.
  • Anitec-Assinform: Italian Association for Information and Communication Technology.





Dott. Ric. Marco Angelini

Tel. 349.7152957


Dott. Luigi Martino