The Cybersecurity National Laboratory contributes to the European Cybersecurity Label

The Cybersecurity National Laboratory contributes to the European Cybersecurity Label

The aim of the “Cybersecurity Made in Europe Label”, the first and only quality label for companies, is to promote cybersecurity in the European Union by supporting Information Communication Technology (ICT) companies that offer cybersecurity services. The label is issued by the National Committee for Cybersecurity Research, in which the National Research Council and the Institute for Informatics and Telematics (Cnr-Iit), the National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics (Cini), and the National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications (Cnit) participate.

The service is already active and is aimed at companies that have their registered office and main market in Europe and Great Britain. “Cybersecurity Made in Europe Label” is a project of the European Cyber Security Organisation (Ecso), the non-profit organisation that works alongside the European Commission on cybersecurity policies. The aim is to give a real “label” of quality to companies that provide services in the sector, to certify their origin and increase their visibility on the European and international markets. The label will allow companies to enter a list of high quality suppliers and will guarantee their recognisability towards customers, business partners and potential investors.

The Covid19 pandemic”, explains Fabio Martinelli, one of the founders of Ecso and research manager at CNR-Iit, “has made market competition more difficult for European companies in the field of information security and has increased the need to expand their business outside the borders of their home countries: a difficult challenge for companies that are very competitive on the quality front but obviously smaller than the American giants”. The label is synonymous with a unified, coordinated vision and with belonging to a clearly identifiable innovation community.

We need to strengthen Europe’s cybernetic borders,” commented Paolo Prinetto, director of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory. “I am convinced that the Ecso label represents an extraordinary opportunity for our companies to recognise themselves, measure themselves and offer their services on the EU market, overcoming a logic of national barriers and working in synergy to build a more robust and effective ‘European system’. Every challenge can become an opportunity, and in our future, in terms of cybersecurity, there will be no shortage of both.

On behalf of Cnit, Nicola Blefari Melazzi comments: “In our role as the academic community of reference for the national sector of telecommunications infrastructures and services, we can only emphasise the strategic importance of the Ecso brand, and its recognition of the value of cybersecurity made-in-Europe. In the specific case of 5G infrastructures, the need for action at EU level and for a diversification of technology providers also at geographical level has been reiterated several times. The dependence of many critical services on 5G networks would make the consequences of a systematic and widespread disruption particularly severe; ensuring European sovereignty should be an important objective, in full respect of European values of openness and tolerance.”

The requirements to obtain the Cybersecurity Made in Europe Label are, in addition to having a registered office in Europe, a demonstration by companies that they operate primarily in the European market and adherence to Enisa’s protocol for the security and reliability of IT products and European policies on Gdpr.

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