The so-called digital transformation is deeply changing our lifestyle. This is the reason why a true effort is, more than ever, necessary and aiming at implementing national strategies in the practice of cybersecurity, which are useful to prevent and discourage cyber-attacks, providing a coordinated response developed by all the involved institutions.

The Laboratory intends to take part in the creation of the national cybersecurity ecosystem, systematising the research excellences in the field of cybersecurity in Italy and offering public and institutional decision-makers their contribution to apply safety measures to the Italian cyberspace and, yet, increasing the competitiveness of the national economic system.

In order to achieve its own institutional goals, the Laboratory works to favour an ongoing process of aggregating between the research and training frameworks following a multidisciplinary approach, which facilitates the encounter between public and private research.

This aggregation becomes effective through the research of a common language, the creation of communities, the spread of awareness, and the development of a skilled workforce in the domain of cybersecurity.