IACAP Interdisciplinary Aspects of Cybersecurity and Privacy

Interdisciplinary Aspects of
Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cybersecurity and Privacy must be situated in a real use-case that sees human users approach a technical measure and experience it or, more simply, just use it. Here comes a new breed of views of Cybersecurity and Privacy pivoted on the users, including at least the social, economic, biologic and ethical views. These bear a huge potential to unveil niceties and address problems that could not be spotted otherwise, such as the learnability of a measure, the coexistence with a flawed, deployed version, of the measure, the computation over and protection of biological data and, last but not least, the assistance of ethics and law to counter real-world breaches. There is clear international research momentum around these views, and a few members of the CINI Cybersecurity Laboratory are active researchers in the related research areas, hence the need to organise and coordinate their efforts through IACAP. This Working Group comes with a clear motivation, a well defined statement and a number of members contributing heterogeneous backgrounds and skills, evenly distributed all over Italy.

Chair: Giampaolo Bella

Core Members:
Stefano Bistarelli, UniPG
Franco Chiaraluce, UnivPM
Fabio De Rosa, DPO CINI
Marino Miculan, UniUD
Stefania Stefanelli, UniPG

Adjunct Members:
Antonio Caruso, UniLE
Cecilia Laschi, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Website: iacap.dmi.unict.it