You and Me Safe | Webserie

You and Me Safe | Webserie

Episode: 9/10

Web series
You and Me Safe

Director Stefano Ribaldi
Created with ,
Cybersecurity National Lab – CINI and Libraries of Rome

Campaign: Io e Te alla Pari

No one of my generation has known a restriction of freedom as it is today, and yet it is clear how this disease has made us rush into what many philosophers call hyperhistory: information not only represents two thirds of our economic margin, but also constitutes the sixth sense of our body, influencing its functions and behaviour.

There is no longer any sense in talking about virtual reality, by now the connection belongs to us and man lives accompanied by an always operative data bubble.

We are prepared for this or we need new knowledge to help us to dominate this fourth dimension.

Our webseries tries to answer this question: articulated in ten episodes, each of a few minutes to be appreciated also via social networks, it tends to be a concrete guide for an intelligent use of data and the network, indicating in the first part of each one the real dangers and telling, in the second, stories taken from facts that have actually happened.

Made in agreement with Italian National Police, Cybersecurity National Lab – CINI and Libraries of Rome, is part of a wider project of computer security dedicated to children and their knowledge of the network.

Stefano Ribaldi