Registration Opened for CyberChallenge.IT and OliCyber: the Italian academy for ethical hackers

Registration Opened for CyberChallenge.IT and OliCyber: the Italian academy for ethical hackers

Registration is now open again for CyberChallenge.IT and OliCyber: the two advanced training programmes aimed at young cybersecurity enthusiasts in Italy. After the success of the 2021 edition, which involved a total of more than a thousand young people, this time the CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics) National Cybersecurity Laboratory is aiming to consolidate its activities by increasing the number of young people who can enrol and strengthening the educational content and live activities.


The novelties start with CyberChallenge.IT, whose registrations are open until 14 January 2022, and which this year will count on 34 locations – two more than the 2021 edition – with 32 universities, the Tuscan Cybersecurity Competence Centre and the Army Training Command and Application School in Turin.

The more than 800 young men and women aged between 16 and 24 who will be admitted to take part in the programme will have the opportunity to take a first step towards a future career in the world of cybersecurity, which is increasingly central to everyone’s daily lives and relevant to national strategies.

The young people will be supervised by university experts and leading companies in the sector, who will introduce them to the scientific, technical and ethical principles of cybersecurity, with practical activities to defend against cyber attacks. The programme will culminate in a national final competition that will elect the best Italian team.



Now in its second edition, the OliCyber hacking school, the Italian cybersecurity Olympics, is also back. Registration is open until 9 December 2021. The programme is free of charge and is aimed exclusively at male and female students at secondary schools, offering them a course that combines gamification elements with solid training in the cybernetic subjects of the future. A scientific pathway, therefore, thanks to which participants will be able to rediscover the most modern technologies now widespread in our society, looking at them with new eyes. Moreover, thanks to the opportunities offered by the Laboratory’s infrastructure, theoretical learning of the fundamentals of computer security will be enriched by activities “in the field”, through virtual arenas and challenges to the last code to conquer the adversary systems, while defending one’s own infrastructures.


Initiatives of excellence

Six years after the launch of CyberChallenge.IT and two years after that of OliCyber, the Ministry of Education has also validated the educational role of the programmes offered by the National Cybersecurity Laboratory, including its activities among the competitions of educational excellence, for which prizes and scholarships are awarded. This important milestone preceded by a few weeks the meeting between the President of the Council of Ministers, Mario Draghi, and TeamItaly, the Italian national cybersecurity team, made up of the young people who most distinguish themselves during training activities, and which is now a fixed presence on the podiums of European competitions in the sector. “This is an indispensable recognition for our work, which collectively rewards the dozens of teachers who every year make their time and resources available to ensure that the country has an adequate influx of young experts in such central subjects,” commented Paolo Prinetto, director of the Laboratory. “We are happy to have restarted with enrolments, after months of work on topics such as social inclusion and the removal of gender barriers, an inconvenient frill still not completely eradicated from the world of science,” he added. “The country needs its best minds, and the girls and boys who come to us are constantly proving that they can answer this call.

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